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5 Questions for Anya Porter Yazawa from Recenter Space

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Anya since shortly after she opened her studio in mid-2021, and it feels like a home away from home. She created a welcoming, beautiful space as a setting for fun and challenging classes, as well as other events and get-togethers. What Anya does goes beyond yoga and encompasses a full spectrum of health and wellness – pain relief, mobility, strength and more. She is a continuous learner always trying to hone her craft and help her students feel more comfortable in their bodies. 

In my time there I’ve gotten more flexible and mobile, practiced variations of handstands and bridges that I’d never been able to do, improved my breathing and breath awareness, improved pain from some lingering old injuries, and more. I love going to recenter space for the classes and for the great conversation and tea after class. I highly recommend you give one of Anya’s private sessions or classes a shot if you have pain that won’t go away, or want to get more mobile/flexible, or just want to feel better! Without further ado, here is Anya:

1. Tell us a bit about you.

I am a genuinely curious person who also holds integrity as one of my highest values. I attempt to infuse that curiosity and integrity into everything that I do including how I run my business, how I teach and work with clients, how I am a partner and a parent, as well as my zeal for learning and pursuing continuing education. I am also someone who is invested in the nature of resilience and our capacity to grow through challenges and I am deeply aware of how every challenge I have faced has brought me closer to realizing my own potential. Finally, I would say that I see the world equally as a scientist and an artist, and I love finding the ways that these two paradigms can meet and dance together.

I’ve been teaching and studying movement formally since 1998, and have had the great fortune to teach all over the country and the world. Before I taught and coached people in movement and well-being, I was a dancer, and danced professionally in Philadelphia and New York City. I also have a background in plant biology and that feeds my interests in herbal medicine, foraging/wildcrafting, and nutrition.


I started this idea in our last home in Zürich, Switzerland in 2018. I wanted to start my own business but didn’t want the stress or cost of commercial rent, especially after my experiences in managing yoga studios all over NYC. I also wanted my work to integrate cohesively with my role as a mother and partner at home. When I opened a tiny studio in our apartment in the center of Zürich, it really took off and the community we built there felt like a family by the time we left. I wanted to try that same model in the states, even though we would no longer be in the center of a city, and I would be starting all over again from the ground up. I believed in the model, and believed (and still do even after two very hard years of the pandemic) that recenter space has the potential to become a vital space for community, well-being, learning, and personal growth.

When we knew we were coming back to NY, we began to look for a home with enough space to have a studio as well as some land, something I had come to long for in my twenty years of living in big urban areas. When we saw this carriage house built in 1892, we both knew it was it! The history, the natural beauty, the perfect layout to have the business inside but still separate from the house… it felt absolutely perfect.

We closed on our house February 27, 2020, and then as we all know the pandemic hit. I was not able to open my doors until June 2021, and since then I have been trying to find many ways to pivot with the times. It has been one lesson after another in being creative and resilient as a business owner since that time. I’m so grateful to still be here and really grateful for the students and clients who have supported me throughout this time.

I offer group classes and private sessions covering a variety of topics that center around well-being. I use movement, breath, and other mindful techniques to help people slow down and rediscover their own capacity to move, breathe and live WELL. I feel most aligned with my purpose when I can empower others to walk their own paths toward balance and wellness.

My group classes incorporate yoga, biomechanics, resistance and mobility training, breath work, meditation and more. They are a culmination of over 20 years of my own study and training in movement and optimal health practices.

While I dearly love teaching groups and the energy and accessibility that affords, the deep work I do with individuals in one-on-one sessions is the heart and soul of my offerings. The depth and breadth of these sessions are unparalleled in their ability to assess the function and state of where people are living and to guide them toward a more balanced state. Instead of viewing people who are in pain or experiencing challenges as “dysfunctional” or needing to be “fixed”, I see each person as living in their most optimal position given the circumstances of their lives up to the moment they walk in the door.

My role as a coach is to empower them to find the places they have forgotten about or have not had an opportunity to inhabit in their minds and bodies due to injuries, trauma, old belief patterns, and more. By rediscovering their potential, they themselves are then able to fully own their healing process. I become the facilitator, not the “fixer”, and they are that much more empowered through the journey.


There are a few big reasons why we chose Ossining. I would say the primary reason is that we felt strongly about bringing our daughter up in a diverse community where she could have friends from all different walks of life and grow up with a wide variety of experiences through those relationships.

Even though it has taken some time to get to know Ossining because of the pandemic, we have already connected with so many amazing people, and those people already make it feel like HOME here. I like to tell people that when we first looked at our house and walked to town afterward to see what it was like, we had the great fortune of meeting the one and only Luis Corena of First Village. He made us feel so welcome, and I am pretty sure that conversation sealed the deal that we wanted to make Ossining our home.

The second reason we ended up here is that we found this incredible historic home, the perfect space for our home and my business. It checked all the boxes: walkable to town, near the train, surrounded by nature, space to host friends and family… it’s perfect in so many ways!


I would recommend folks to come and try a class and see what I offer! If you are new to yoga and led movement classes, try the FOUNDATIONS class. If you are more familiar and experienced, our OPEN or STRONG classes are great options.

For those who want a real shift in how they are living, a private intake session is the place to start. It’s a deep investment in your whole-human health. It includes a gait and posture analysis, foot and full-body joint mechanics analysis, plus we talk about other health parameters like breath, stress, sleep and diet.

You will walk away with a whole new understanding of where you are and the first steps forward on your path to optimal health.


We love walking the loop from downtown (for farmer’s market or coffee at First Village) to the Sing Sing Kill Greenway to Crawbuckie Preserve and then back up to the Croton Aqueduct to town! It’s a long stroll, but so beautiful and such varied terrain.

Plus you can shop, grab coffee or a book at Hudson Valley Books!

Thank you Anya for answering our questions and for choosing Ossining!

5 Ways to Support Anya and The Recenter Space

1. Visit her website and see if there’s a class for you: Recenter Space
2.  Check out her Calendar. Friday Chill anyone?
3. Schedule a private session for full gait, posture and movement analysis and more.
4. Follow Anya and Recenter Space on Instagram
5. Share this article with a friend that might be interested in Yoga!

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