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This website truly is for and about the Ossining community. What makes Ossining great is the people who live and work here (although it’s beautiful too).

Everything we highlight on this website, from the parks and playgrounds, to the businesses, events, activities and more, exists because of people committing to a vision for something better for themselves and their community, and seeing it through to completion! So we thank you for that.

We want to make all the goodness easier to find and enjoy, bring Ossining closer together, and publicize all of the wonderful things available to Ossining residents.

We’ve had over 55,000 visits to the website so far, so I guess it’s working! We also have an active Instagram account.

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Who Created InOssining.com?

Hi! I’m Will. My dad, Eric Schatz, real estate broker with Ossining-based Schatz Realty Group, had the idea for InOssining.com sometime back in the ’90s. A real estate agent and Ossining resident for most of his life, he wanted to bring together everything great about living in Ossining. He envisioned a resource to share both with people thinking about moving here, and people who already live here. He had the community knowledge, but needed the implementation.

The pieces finally fell into place in 2017, when my wife Ana and I realized we had the right combination of abilities and experience to build and launch the website.

I’ve helped local and national companies get customers and clients through digital marketing for 8+ years with my company Iris Union. My wife is a photographer and blogger (and lawyer and supermom). She’s taken hundreds of thousands of pictures and generated millions of visitors to her personal blogs and her articles on what used to be About.com.

Ana is from Chile and since we had our first child, we’ve lived a few years in Chile and the rest of the time in Ossining. This community is great in many ways for families, and we’ve met great people and had a lot of fun. We hope this website helps you decide whether it’s right for your family (if you’re moving), or enjoy it more (if you live here)!

Eric is known by many as “Mr. Ossining.” He grew up here, has lived here much of his life, has been in most of the houses in town, and sold many of them, some 2, 3 or even 4 times. He’s renovated, restored, and rented out Ossining properties. Served on Ossining boards, committees and councils. He doesn’t just know Ossining real estate, he lives it. If you work with him, he’ll use that lifetime of experience to get the best possible outcome for you.

What's on the Website?

For a few months back in 2017 we drove around Ossining’s various neighborhoods, visited all of the parks and the playgrounds, and took thousands of pictures (with the help of our kids) and pages of notes. With the raw material in hand, we turned it all into version 1.0 of InOssining.com.

Fastforward and the website now includes:

How Does InOssining.com Sustain Itself?

Schatz Realty Group funded the creation of the website, and ongoing costs including maintenance, software, hosting, new content, etc. We don’t receive any additional funding. The website is a significant time and financial commitment, and a labor of love.

Eric hopes to recoup some of this by representing Ossining homeowners in the sale and purchase of Ossining homes. We believe it’s a win-win all around:

  • Looking to move to Ossining? This website can give you a great idea whether you’ll enjoy living here. Eric will then help you find the best house for your family’s unique needs and wants.
  • Looking to sell your home in Ossining? This website will help potential buyers get a sense of the life that awaits if they buy your home. It also will get your home in front of our visitors and followers: people in the Ossining community and people considering moving here!

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Ossining, get in touch with Eric (no obligation or pressure!) at 914-274-7021 or eric@schatzrealtors.com.

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