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Ossining in the Press

Here we’ve aggregated articles from major media on Ossining and its associated businesses and organizations. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and we will be adding to it. If you have more articles you think we should include, let us know!


Articles About Ossining in Magazines and Newspapers

9/28/17 – Westchester Magazine article on Ossining’s Old Village titled Best Places to Live: The Old Village, Ossining (here is the Old Village page on

3/16/17 – A column in the New York Times titled “A Warm and Cozy Feeling in Ossining, N.Y.” about a couple making a move to the suburbs from the city.

6/15/17 – An article in the NY Daily News titled “Best day trips within a two-hour drive from New York City this summer“. It features Ossining’s Teatown Lake Reservation as one of the 7 best day trips within 2 hours of NYC.

3/27/16 – An article in the New York Times titled Ossining, N.Y.: History, Parks and ‘Mad Men’. which includes a slideshow of Ossining titled “Living in Ossining, N.Y.” by Gregg Vigliotti, which is 12 images of life in Ossining, with captions.

3/24/15 – An article in lohud titled Meet the Ossining historian who kept ‘Mad Men’ accurate about Ossining historian Norm McDonald’s role in keeping the show historically accurate.

6/29/12 – Wall Street Journal article on Ossining titled Ossining Provides Escape for City Dwellers

3/19/12 – Westchester Magazine article Westchester Real Estate 2012: Ossining Best Place for Architecture Admirers

11/15/09 – New York Times article on the renovation of the historic Ossining National Bank building titled The Use Changes; the Look Stays



1/27/91 – If You’re Thinking of Living in: Ossining is a New Tork Times article that includes Ossining history and a look back at how things were in Ossining in the early 90s.

11/17/85 –  If You’re Thinking of Living in: Ossining (earlier version) is a New Tork Times article that includes Ossining history and a look back at how things were in Ossining in the 80s.


Ossining Businesses, Organizations and Performances

9/19/19 – New York Times blog post on “The Wait Room” at Louis Engel Waterfront Park: Outside Prison Walls: Waiting, Spinning, Flying

7/23/18 – article Ossining’s old-school cobbler celebrates 50 years. Lovely article and video interview of Tony’s Shoe Repair owners Antonio and Maria Mastracchio. Direct link to video.

4/9/18 – Westchester Magazine article titled Learn the Secrets to Small-Biz Success From This Ossining Entrepreneur’s Book on Ossining entrepreneur Sharon Rowe’s upcoming book. Sharon owns the business Eco-Bags.

3/15 – Westchester Magazine article titled Beylka Krupp Of Ossining’s Wobble Café Wins National General Mills Contest. Wobble Cafe unfortunately is since closed.


Ossining Restaurant Reviews

10/9/15 New York Times review of Basta

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