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Thinking About SellingYour Ossining Home?

If you’re thinking about selling your home located in Ossining, Eric Schatz from Schatz Realty Group can help with that. Get in touch with Eric (no obligation or pressure!) at 914-274-7021 or

We know you have lots of options when selling your home. There are a few real estate brokerages in the area, and more than a few real estate agents!

Schatz Realty Group has been based in and selling homes in Ossining since the 1960s. One thing that sets us apart is our focus on, love for and deep knowledge of Ossining. When people buy a home they’re also buying into the community the home is in, and showcasing Ossining is our bread and butter.

But let’s take a step back for a minute.

Some Quick Homebuyer Stats

According to the National Association of Realtors 2020 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, home buyers look at a median of 9 homes. 93% of buyers find information on homes online, with 87% using real estate agents and 73% using phones or tablets. These are by far the primary sources of information. More than half of people find the home they end up purchasing online.

Of the factors influencing neighborhood choice, the #1 factor, noted by 63% of buyers, is quality of the neighborhood. This is well above the overall affordability of homes, which comes in at 44%.

So nearly all buyers find info about their next home online, they see 9 homes on average, and the quality of the neighborhood is the #1 factor influencing home location choice, important to 20% more buyers than affordability!

This website was created in part to show potential Ossining residents everything the community has to offer. To give them the info they need to know this is the community for them. For the full list go here, but in brief, this website includes 22 neighborhood pages, 19 park pages, a list of all restaurants, 80+ articles on activities, businesses and more, and an event calendar, all focused on Osisning.

So What Do We Do To Sell Your Home? is sponsored exclusively by Schatz Realty Group.

When Schatz Realty lists your Ossining home for sale, we leverage everything we have on this website to showcase, market and sell your home. But there’s more. The following is an overview of the work involved in marketing your home.

Get Featured on hit the milestone of 100,000+ lifetime visitors in February 2021, and we have been averaging about 10,000 visitors per month for the past 7 months:

InOssining Analytics Data
InOssining's Google Analytics Data

We create a detailed page specific to your home, which can be used as the hub of our marketing efforts, and you can use to show anyone you know who may be interested in your home.

The idea of this page is to showcase the home and the surrounding community and amenities, so that prospective buyers can get a better sense of the whole package your home offers before they even step foot in your home.

For Ossining homes we create a page directly on this website, like this: This page includes info on the home, as well as ample community and area info.

Your home will be featured on the homepage, as well as on our featured listings page.

For more expensive homes that require additional marketing efforts, we also will create a separate website with a similar format but specific to the home, like this: 70 Barrett Pond Rd.

Photos, Video Walkthrough, Drone Photos

As you can see in these few examples:, and, the marketing of your home includes professional photographs, drone photos, and typically a walkthrough video tour of the home, similar to this: 

Advertisement Via Social Media

InOssining’s Instagram account has over 2500 local followers, and we feature your home on our Instagram account.

We also create custom Facebook ads for each home, and advertise to the geographies we expect to most likely have a prospective buyer for your home. Here is a screenshot of an example Facebook ad we ran in the NYC area. We also ran one in Westchester.

Facebook Ad Example

Below are the stats for this ad, which you can see led to 800 views of the home’s page on InOssining ( This ad was how the buyer found the home.

Facebook Ad Example Results

Wrapping Up

So that’s it! If you are considering selling your Ossining home, we can help you present it to prospective buyers in a way that no one else can (or will). 

Get in touch with Eric (no obligation or pressure!) at 914-274-7021 or

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