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10 Instagram Accounts Every Ossining Resident Should Follow

What’s this, you’re not on Instagram? Well, that’s a shame because you’re missing out on a lot of goodness. Sure it’s not all good out there in the Instagram jungle, but if you choose wisely and follow the right accounts, you’ll know what’s going on, have some laughs and be an all-around better citizen of Ossining, NY. And who doesn’t want that?

And if you’re thinking about moving to Ossining, these accounts will start to paint a picture of the life you and your family can expect in our (not so) little riverfront town. One of our good friends Catherine did just this, and she credits it with giving her the confidence that she was making the right choice in moving here. So we can say with confidence that Instagram is responsible for increasing Ossining’s population by at least 4.

So without further ado, we present the 10 accounts that every Ossining resident and prospective resident (who’s tech-savvy enough to know how Instagram works) should follow.

1. The Ossining Public Library

Ahhh the Ossining Public Library, affectionately known by me as the OPL. The current building is just over 10 years old (just learned that from their Instagram account, boo-ya!), and it’s head and shoulder above most public libraries, in my not at all biased opinion. Follow the OPL on Instagram for book recommendations and quotes, info on events at the library, fun and clever pictures, and the occasional Game of Thrones reference. A+ for whoever is managing your Instagram account OPL.

You can see their Instagram account and follow The Library HERE.

2. The Ossining Schools

It seems like the Ossining schools are always winning some award or another. We have quite the talented group of students, teachers and administrators! Follow the UFSD for info on sporting events, extracurriculars, competitions students are involved in, school closures, and more.

You can see their Instagram account and follow The Ossining Schools HERE.

Ossining UFSD Insagram Account

3. InOssining.com

You might call this self-promotion, and you’d be right. But if you’d like to learn more about Ossining and appreciate and enjoy high-quality pics from around town, then give us a follow. We’ll try hard not to disappoint!

You can see our Instagram account and follow us HERE

In Ossining Instagram Account

4. Ossining History

Ossining History is an Instagram account that shares just that: fun and interesting photos and bits of knowledge about the history of Ossining. Sure, thanks to Mad Men everyone knows Ossining was home to Don Draper, but we have a lot more going for us! What, you ask? Follow Ossining History to find out the specifics.

You can see their Instagram account and follow Ossining History HERE

Ossining History Pictures

5. Ossining Police

The Ossining Police are doing social media right. Entertainment, intrigue, information, they’ve got it all, and they share it with us on their social media accounts. Whoever posts is pretty clever, so you’ll definitely enjoy checking out what they write, as well as their pictures.

You can see their Instagram account and follow the Ossining Police HERE.

Ossining Police Instagram Account

6. Ossining Recreation and Parks

The Ossining Recreation & Parks Department Instagram account puts out info on upcoming events, improvements to our parks, and more. Their Instagram account is fairly new and not yet used as frequently as their Facebook account, so we recommend giving that a “like” as well for more frequent updates.

You can see their Instagram account and follow the Ossining Recreation and Parks HERE.

Ossining recreation and parks Instagram account

7. Teatown

Teatown Lake Reservation is Ossining’s own 1000-acre nature preserve and education center. They post lots of interesting pics and info on the goings-on at Teatown and the local flaura and fauna. They also put out some great science facts and figures. We have it on good authority that their social media manager is a gentleman and a scholar.

You can see their Instagram account and follow Teatown HERE.

Teatown Lake Reservation

8. Ossining High School Drama

Follow the Ossining High School Drama Club for information and details on their upcoming drama productions!

You can see their Instagram account and follow the Ossining HS Drama Club HERE.

Ossining High School Drama Instagram Account

9. Ossining EMS

The Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps puts out lots of pictures and info about accidents, events and happenings. Judging by the prevalence of rubbernecking, we humans like to see accidents. Their account has pictures of accidents (so you can find out where on the local roads you should be driving more carefully, of course).

You can see their Instagram account and follow the Ossining EMS HERE.

Pictures of Ossining EMS

10. Your Favorite Local Shop

You can see a list of Instagram accounts of some of our amazing local shops HERE.


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