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The Ossining Recreation Center Pool – Everything You Need to Know!

Updated JANUARY 2024

The Ossining Aquatic Center (aka the Rec Center Pool) is located towards the back of the Joseph G. Caputo Community Center on 95 Broadway.

To swim at the pool you need a Rec ID card and pool pass. These must be renewed annually.
 Instructions are below.

The Ossining Pool is currently closed due to renovations

Message from the Town of Ossining:

Pool before reno:

Ossining Pool

How do you get a Rec ID card?

There are two options to get a Rec ID card:
1. In person at the front desk of the recreation office in the community center. The office is right through the doors seen in the first photo below.
2. You can also register online. To register online for Ossining Recreation & Parks programs you must create a free account in Community Pass, and then go to the Catalog and Registration Page to access the Summer Catalog.

ID Card registration office hours

You can get/update a Rec ID card immediately during the following schedule. If you put in the paperwork after these hours, your application will be processed the next day and you’ll need to go back to pick up your ID:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am – 3:00pm
    Times subject to change. Questions? Please call the Recreation Department at 914-941-3189.

Required paperwork for the Rec ID

  • To get your ID card you’ll need to complete a “Recreation ID Card and Membership Form” which you can download here and print out, or fill out in person at the office, where forms are always available. It’s one form per family.
  • You’ll also need to bring valid photo ID and a supporting docoument to pay the lower fee if you live in the Village or Unincorporated Town of Ossining. Supporting documents include a current utility bill, lease, tax bill, or bank statement.

Rec ID cost

  • If you are a Town or Village of Ossining resident, IDs cost $10 per person (youth or adult) and are payable by cash, check or money order (no credit cards). If your total is under $50.00, they accept cash (bring exact change), anything over that should be paid in check (payable to “Village of Ossining”) or money order.
  • You can get an ID card if you are a non-resident (this includes Briarcliff Manor residents). The cost is $20.00 per Youth (under 21 years old) and $45.00 per adult.
  • If you lose your Rec ID card, the replacement fee is $5.00.

How do you get a Pool Pass?

The pool offers both Open Swim and Lap Swim passes, depending on your needs.

You can get pool passes at the same place as the Rec ID cards.

Fees for the Open Swim/Pool Pass (allows access to the pool facility during “Open Swim” hours)
In order to access the pool for “Open Swim” all participants need a current Recreation ID Membership and a current “Open Swim” Pass. Recreation Membersips are $10.00 for all residents, and an “Open Swim” pass is $10.00 for a Youth (resident) and $15.00 for an Adult (resident).  Contact the Recreation Department at 941-3189 with any questions regarding the pool or pool passes.

  • $15.00 for adults
  • $10.00 for youth (under 21 yrs old)
  • Non-residents: $400.00 for an adult pass, plus $20 for additional family members.

Fees for Lap Swimming/Pool Pass (at least 2 lanes are available for lap swimming, with more added as availability allows)

  • $300.00 – Village residents
  • $400.00 – Town (Unincorporated area) residents
  • $600.00 – Non-residents
    *This fee is prorated starting the first year. Passes are valid through Dec. 31 of year purchased.

See the open swim and lap swim schedules below.

Other Aquatics Programs at the Rec Center Pool

The rec center’s seasonal program PDF can be downloaded at any time from the Recreation & Parks Department page of the Village website.

Programs include Spartans swim team, senior swim, aquatic boot camp, swimming lessons (youth and adult), parent/tot swim class, and masters swim team.

Birthday Parties at the Aquatic Center

  • Birthday parties are available for Ossining residents only, for a fee of $200.
  • Ages 6-12 years only, with a limit of 20 children per party.
  • Available days are Saturday afternoons from either 1:30-4:30 or 4:30-7:30 (times include set-up and cleanup).
  • An hour of the allotted reservation is in the pool. An adult must be present at all times during the party.
  • Food and drinks are not provided.
  • Call the rec center office at 914-941-3189 for availability and additional info.

If you have any questions on any of this information, you can contact the recreation department at 914-941-3189.


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