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5 Questions for Matt Curtin, Master Brewer and Co-Owner of SSKB

Sing Sing Kill Brewery (SSKB) is part of the recent generation of businesses that injected new life into Ossining’s downtown, and turned it back into a destination. Located on Spring Street, SSKB is a labor of love for co-owners Matt Curtin and Eric Gearity, and an amazing addition to our community.

It’s hard to sum up SSKB succinctly, because Eric and Matt integrate so many themes into the SSKB experience. To name a few, they use only New York ingredients in their beers, and all guest taps and other drinks are made by New York companies. All food is made locally in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. They run their business with a focus on environmental sustainability, and are the first business in Ossining to compost commercially. SSKB is inclusive and caters to diverse crowds. The taproom has been host to numerous open mic nights, karaoke nights, live music nights featuring regional musicians, fundraisers, family activity days, classes and more.

Local, sustainable, inclusive, community, connection. Many businesses pay lip service to these themes, but these guys live them every day.

We’ve been there for live music nights, brought family from outside the area, gone to holiday family activities and more. We’ve always had a great experience.

The COVID-19 situation has forced changes and adaptations and cut way down on events, but Eric and Matt have done what they need to do to keep the business open and moving forward despite the unpredictable environment.

Without further ado, here are 5 questions answered by Matt Curtin:

1. Tell us a bit about you.

My wife Lisa and I met in Syracuse, NY. Lisa grew up in Tarrytown and I grew up across the river. We moved back to this area in 2000 and bought our home in the village in 2007. Our son attends Ossining schools and has enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with the dual language program since pre-K. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing the drums (which I have been doing since 4th grade) and listening to records.

2. Tell us about your business.

I was a retail manager for the grocery industry with Wegmans, Stew Leonards and Whole Foods Market, and I kept myself sane by home brewing in my time off. For over 20 years my brewing was just for myself and a few close friends. I wasn’t the kind of home brewer that oppressed everyone with my latest soy sauce beer. I was more the mad scientist working in my garage on a half barrel brewing system because I love the idea of perfecting something. The artisanship in it.

I did the beer for a friend’s wedding up in Maine and Eric, my business partner, attended with his wife Victoria. Our wives had been friends since grade school as they grew up together. When we realized that everyone at the wedding was enjoying the Honey Hibiscus Wit that I brewed, we thought there might be something to this. The NY farm brewery license was very new at the time and it fit perfectly with our personal core values of wanting to have the smallest green footprint, using fresh locally sourced ingredients and supporting NY farms and growers.

Our beers are crafted on a 3 barrel brewhouse manufactured outside of Troy, NY. We use ingredients sourced across New York State.

3. Why did you decide to open your business in Ossining?

Eric and I both wanted to open something here because we both live here and wanted a place to go to enjoy locally brewed craft beer. At the time, if we wanted to go get a locally brewed beer we had to drive 15 minutes south or 20 minutes north. We thought that the village of Ossining would be perfect to open our inclusive taproom. That’s why we spent so much time and effort to build out our taproom. We soundproofed the space so we could host local music events and we have local artists display their art on our walls.

Sing Sing Kill Brewery Ossining

4. For someone not familiar with your business: what product do you suggest they try and why? 

Our Killer Cream Ale is our most popular beer. It’s made with 100% NY state ingredients and it’s a traditional style that started right here. This isn’t your grandfather’s cream ale. We always have at least one IPA, one malt forward beer, and one stout. We also make sours and have guest taps. Because of our license we can sell NY farm distilled spirits, ciders, mead and wines. We’ve got NY sourced soft drinks, ice cream and small bites as well. Something for everyone.

5. Give us your best Ossining tip or recommendation.

The curry goat at Cravin’ Jamaican is the most delicious thing ever.

Thank you Matt!

More about Sing Sing Kill Brewery

  • 75 Spring St, Ossining, NY
  • Summer Hours: Wednesday – Sunday,  1PM to 10PM
  • Shop Online! for curbside pick up, taproom takeout or free local delivery
  • Website: www.singsingkillbrewery.com
  • Follow them on Facebook: SSKB
  • Follow them on Instagram: SSKB
  • SSKB is named after the Sing Sing Kill, which we highly recommend you check out via the greenway (when it’s not closed due to storm damage).
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