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5 Questions for Sara Dawson of Just Eyes Optometry

We are happy to welcome one of Ossining’s newest businesses: Just Eyes Optometry. Ossining resident and Optometrist Sara Dawson offers personalized eye exams in an unrushed and friendly environment, with a very easy online appointment system and transparent pricing, as well as eco-friendly and sustainable frames and use of local labs, vendors and distributors! Every decision made with a mindset to reduce, reuse and recycle, and she donates 3% of revenue to local charities and causes.
I visited her home office and loved the space. It’s clear she cares about every detail, and she was very friendly. Here are her answers to our 5 Questions for an Ossining Business Owner series.

1. Hi Sara, Tell us a bit about you.

I’m originally from Attica, a small town in Western New York State outside of Buffalo. I moved to NYC in 2008 for optometry school, met my husband David while in the city, and then we moved to Ossining in 2016 after a couple of good friends of ours settled down here. We would come up from Queens to visit and it didn’t take long to fall in love with the waterfront and the small-town feel. We now have a 15-month-old son and I’m so happy to be able to watch him grow up in a place with so much diversity and natural beauty. In my free time, I love to spend time outdoors hiking or running, or if the weather’s not cooperating I’ll usually be inside reading a book or trying out a new recipe.

Sara Dawson, Optometrist

2. Tell us about your business.

Though I’ve been practicing as an optometrist now for 8 years, I’m brand new when it comes to business ownership. Just Eyes Optometry began as an idea about 3 years ago now and slowly grew into existence, leading up to seeing my first patients as a business just a few weeks ago! I was inspired to consider opening my own practice in order to build my own ideal work environment, founded on integrity and responsibility to the community and environment. When I was expecting our son, I also began thinking about options that would allow for flexible scheduling and a short commute, and the idea for a home office was born.

I offer a simplified approach to routine eye care, including transparent pricing, online appointment scheduling and a paperless office. I’m excited to be able to work with local suppliers, donate to community organizations, and offer eco-friendly options for frames and sunglasses. In the future I would like to expand to have a storefront and employees, but for now it’s just me!

3. Why did you decide to open your business in Ossining?

My husband and I decided on Ossining as a place to live for many reasons – surrounded by natural beauty, easy commute to NYC for work on Metro North (but also far enough away to really feel like you’re getting away from the city every night when you come home), a diverse and expanding Main Street district, lots of families. It just felt like coming home to visit even before we actually lived here. When it came time to think about where to locate a business, it was natural for me to think to stay in Ossining as well – I love the idea of working in the same community that I live in, to run into friends and patients and clients while out on the playground with my son or grabbing coffee. There’s also a huge amount of positive energy in Ossining that I haven’t seen in other towns when it comes to caring for our earth and for humankind, and I want my business to be a part of that.

4. For someone not familiar with your business: what products & services do you offer?

As an optometrist, I offer comprehensive primary eye care services – eye exams for glasses and contact lens prescriptions, dilated ocular health exams, DMV vision tests, and medical eye care for things like annual diabetic eye health exams, eye infections or new floaters.

Even if you have great vision, it’s recommended for both adults and children to see an eye doctor for a full eye health exam at least every couple of years. Contact lens wearers, adults over age 60 and those with health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes should definitely have an eye exam every year.

I also have a selection of frames and sunglasses available to purchase from independent manufacturers with a commitment to sustainability and/or social justice. I work with a locally based distributor to provide contacts and prescription lenses.

5. Give us your best Ossining tip or recommendation.

A place we order from again and again is Los Abuelos on South Highland. Seriously some of the best Mexican food and frozen margaritas around! My husband always gets the chicken sopes, and lately I’ve become a huge fan of their carnitas chimichanga. And for river views, we love either walking down to Scarborough Park or heading over to Crawbuckie Park on Beach Rd.

Pictured: a fall day at Crawbuckie

Thank you Sara for answering our questions and for bringing another great business to Ossining!

More about Just Eyes Optometry

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–  Have any questions or concerns? Contact Sara at hello@justeyesoptometry.com.
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Just Eyes Optometry is located at 60 Revolutionary Road, Ossining, in the Sparta Neighborhood.

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