Crotonville Halloween gets a Covid Update in 2020 |

Crotonville Halloween gets a Covid Update

Last year we discovered and shared the fun Crotonville Halloween Walkthrough, an interactive Halloween walkthrough created by Ossining residents Robert and Maria Somma at their 6 Samstag Ave home.

The largely homemade display got some Covid-19 updates for the 2020 edition. The whole display is now set up in their front yard, and interactive exhibits are now activated using your feet instead of pressing buttons with your hands. The Sommas got creative to keep their tradition alive this year!

Right next to the  throwbacks and tributes to classic favorites from horror, thriller and fantasy movies, you can also enjoy the all-new “Social Distancing Police,” who’ll slap you with a $500 fine if he sees you without a mask or not socially distanced. Now that’ll make for an unexpectedly pricy night out with the kids!

Let’s just hope he’s not needed next Halloween… Although I suppose he may be allowed to stay as a spooky reminder of a time we’ll all be happy to see end.

You can read more about the Crotonville Halloween House and the Sommas here. Thank you once again to Robert and Maria for sharing this with the community!

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