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Indian Village

The original developers were quite cute and gave all the streets Native American names, so the area became known as Indian Village. The initial homes built here are high-quality, family-size, 1920s homes. They feature the understated elegance of the era, with nice trim, fireplaces, beautiful plaster interiors and hardwood floors.

The rest of Indian Village was built out in the late 1940s to mid-1950s by James Thurber for the GIs returning from WWII. He built primarily capes, and a few ranches. You could order from 2 up to 4 Bedrooms, 1 or 2 baths, dormers and a garage. These cape-style homes were designed to be easily expanded later, something owner after owner has taken advantage of. Few of these capes remain as first built.

This neighborhood gets seriously dressed up for the holidays, particularly Halloween and Christmas.

The atmosphere is pure Americana. The streets do not lead anywhere else, so you see kids riding their bikes and big wheels all over the place. Some people walk the 1.75 miles to the train station, but the Reservoir Park – perfect for a stroll or exercise – and shopping, are across the street.

Indian Village: prototypical Americana.

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