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5 Questions for Let’s Go Trivia’s founder Garry Leavy

The idea for Let’s Go Trivia was born many many years ago when founder Garry Leavy would return home annually to his native Ireland for the holidays, and host a quiz on Christmas night in his parents kitchen for a few friends and his always-complaining-about-the-answers older brother.

Garry Leavy1. Hi Garry! Tell us a bit about you.

I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and I moved to NY in 2000. In the 90’s I did a ton of traveling including backpacking around Australia for a year. I also traveled around Europe and ended up living in Germany for a couple of years before I moved to the United States.

I now live in Ossining, for the second time. The first time from 2009-2010 and this time since 2012! I live with my girlfriend and our two dogs and one parrot! I have two sons whom I refer to as “The Troublemakers”… for reasons which are clear! We like to go away for weekends and I go to Ireland at least once a year. We love trying restaurants we have never been to and always within Westchester. I spend lots of time with my kids (I’m a soccer dad!).

2. Tell us about your business.

My company is called Let’s Go Trivia and we run trivia (pub quiz) nights in bars and restaurants from upstate NY down to Wall St. in Manhattan. We also host trivia at corporate events, birthday parties, etc. Our trivia is 5 rounds of general knowledge and we keep it easy and flowing to keep our teams entertained! We’ve been in business now for 2 and a half years. We have 20 hosts and I also have a writer and a supplies manager.

The way Let’s Go Trivia got started is that I love trivia and while I was bartending at Gleason’s in Peekskill (who has Let’s Go Trivia on Wednesdays at 7pm… plug plug!), I wrote and ran a trivia night there. I’m quite the multi-tasker! I pitched the idea of a trivia night to Peekskill Brewery and that quickly became a success. Captain Lawrence Brewery was next on board and suddenly I thought “Why not get as many venues as I can?”… Next thing you know I am running a trivia company!

We run trivia leagues all year around and we are local and have a physical presence in the community. We are always contactable and our hosts all live locally too. Our trivia is easy to follow and we don’t take ourselves seriously… this is reflected in the fact that in order to decide a tie-breaker in our trivia, we have teams duke it out over a game of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots!! We also have another bar game called “(Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo” which is a pop culture version of classic bingo…. it’s not boring old numbers, because it’s (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo!!!

We help drive revenue to other business with our trivia. We also help staff (theirs and ours) earn extra income. Most importantly though, we keep the guests entertained with our fun trivia and when people have a good time at a restaurant, bar or brewery, they are way more likely to return, so we are helping other businesses grow.

3. What do you like about running your business in Ossining?

Let’s Go Trivia is a service, so by virtue of living in Ossining, it’s an Ossining business! I like how close in Westchester that Ossining is to upstate, to NYC and to Rockland County and Connecticut too, where we also have a presence.

Trivia Night Westchester

4. For someone not familiar with your business: what product/service do you suggest they try and why?

Some people say “Oh, I’m no good at trivia”! Everyone has a subject or a topic they know lots about, so trivia is for everyone. It’s just questions! Come down and play… and we award prizes to individual round winners (there are 5 rounds). So even if you don’t win the war, you can win a battle… aka a prize!! You will also be supporting two local business at once by virtue of playing Let’s Go Trivia!

Lets Go Trivia Host

5. Give us your best Ossining tip or recommendation.

Favorite park to take my kids to is Louis Engel at the waterfront. My favorite restaurant in Ossining is Six Degrees of Separation.


Thank you Garry!

Let’s Go Trivia Info

Let’s Go Trivia has trivia nights in Ossining at 6 Degrees of Separation (35 Main St.) Wednesday nights at 7pm, and at the Dugout (37 Croton Ave) Wednesday nights at 8pm.

Listen to Garry’s Bar and Trivia Podcast HERE
Upcoming Trivia Nights: https://www.letsgotrivia.com/trivia-events/
Become a Host!: https://www.letsgotrivia.com/hosts/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letsgotrivia/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/letsgotrivia/

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