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Ossining Juice Bar

Did you know that here in Ossining we have an amazing juice bar?

Ossining Juice Bar

I’m sharing this tip because when I posted this image on our Instagram account I got  A LOT of messages asking where this Juice Bar was.

Amazing Fresh Juice

The “Ossining Juice Bar” (yes, we named it ourselves) is located inside of Las Americas Cafe & Restaurant, on 87-89 Croton Ave, right here in Ossining (basically across the street from C-Town).

They always have plenty of fruit, vegetables and add-ins like Aloe Vera. To make the juices they use an orange juice extractor, a juicer and a Vitamix Blender.

Ossining Juice in Ossining

Fresh Juice with Vitamix

I love that you can put all the fruit and veggies you want! I’ve had juices with 2 ingredients (orange and carrot like the one in the photo) and juices with 5+ ingredients, and the price is always the same:

  • Small/Pequeño: $4.28
  • Medium/Mediano: $5.09
  • Large/ Grande: $5.89
  • Extra Large / Extra Grande: $6.70

Juice Bar In Ossining

Las Americas also has my favorite (and cheapest) buffet in town. Plenty of food to choose from at $5.29 a pound. Hot and cold bars. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Cheap Lunch in Ossining

I hope you liked this insider tip and visit Las Americas soon. You won’t regret it! And make sure you follow us on Instagram for more fun tips like this one.

P.S. They also make a delicious coconut milk/juice. It’s not always available, but when they make it, it goes fast. You can find it to the left of the juice bar. It’s popular enough that they’ll sometimes put a note on the door when it’s available. If you like drinks with no added sugar then it will probably be too sweet, but if you like coconut then you should give it a try.

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