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Ossining’s Teachers Parade

April 28 was a special day for the Ossining community. Teachers from the elementary and middle schools drove 20 miles and over two and a half hours around town, waving, smiling, cheering (and honking) at students who were thrilled to see their teachers after over a month away from school.

Students waited outside of their homes and elsewhere around the village and town, holding signs with messages for their teachers.

The parade of over 75 cars started at 3:30 at the Ossining High School and wove around town escorted by the Ossining Police, the ambulance corps and a fire truck!

We first decided to see the parade from Main Street, but only got to see a few cars because someone made a wrong turn, leading the whole rest of the parade down the wrong street. We figured out the caravan had reunited down by the train station and continued on their route, and we’d need to move to see the rest.

The kids were disappointed but Luis from First Village Coffee came to the rescue with chocolate milk, cookies and an iced coffee for us. It was so nice of him to bring us treats even though FVC had been closed for hours! This is the kind of thing that makes me so happy to be a part of this community. Thank you Luis!

It might have been the kids’ excitement or the caffeine, but when the kids asked to go see the whole parade from another location, we agreed. We checked online where the parade was headed and decided to drive to Brookside Elementary! Maryknoll is across the street from Brookside and is beautiful this time of year, so we waited for the parade there.

The parade started with a police car followed by dozens of teachers and their families waving and smiling at the kids. By the time the parade hit Brookside, they had been at it for 2 hours, but they still enthusiastically  greeted everyone.

And somehow the baby slept through the whole thing – cheers, honks, sirens and all. The rest of us had a lot of fun!

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