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Restaurants and More Open in Downtown Ossining

UPDATED 6-18-20 Finally downtown Ossining becomes a destination and wham, coronavirus time. We will get through this but will the businesses that contribute so much to our quality of life, and to the net equity of Ossining homeowners?

A new wave of businesses in Ossining are owned by people who have literally put their heart, soul and joy of life into our community. Together with some businesses that have thrived for decades, the downtown has finally achieved the critical mass to be a destination.

Many of these great businesses have remained open or re-opened – particularly our restaurants.

Some of the restaurants now have outdoor sating, most are open for takeout and many for delivery. We’ve spoken to many of them, and they’ve generally been doing okay given the circumstances, thanks to support from the Ossining community. However they still have a hill to climb!

The federal government’s loan programs have been hit or miss for many businesses. They continue to depend on us to keep them in the game.

For anyone who hasn’t been doing it, now is the time to step up to the plate and enjoy the diverse cuisine offered in our culinary venues!

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Selling Real Estate in Ossining for over 35 years, I can assure you that visitors and the general buying public perceive all that is Ossining from the restaurants and storefronts in our Village.

Here is a list of businesses on and around Main Street that would love to have your support, as much as you will love their food! Please confirm hours as they are subject to change. A few are now “fully” open (with restrictions), while some have outdoor seating and others offer pickup/takeout and delivery. This isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list as things are changing rapidly.

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First Village Coffee. The owners spent their first year(s?) here without a day off. They wanted to make sure that they go everything right in the coffee, pastries and experience. They sure succeeded.

Address: 123 Main Street
Hours of Operation: 8AM – 2PM Daily (closing earlier than normal during the shutdown).
Order Pastries/Gift Cards/Coffee Kits Online
Phone Number: 914-236-3765
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING! Stop by and order as usual (with a mask on), and the line is spaced out. Cards only, no cash. Just pickup and go, or sit outside.

Good Choice Kitchen

Good Choice Kitchen, where I keep asking how do they make “good for you food” taste so delicious?! Diverse vegan and organic meals and desserts.

Address: 147 Main Street
Hours of Operation: 10AM – 5PM Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday.
Order Online
Phone Number: 914-266-3003  and 914-930-1591
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING, takeout/pickup, delivery, online ordering, call and order.

Cravin Jamaican Cuisine

Cravin Jamaican serves up, as we say on the Main Street Video Tour, a taste bud extravaganza. The curried goat, jerk chicken and red snapper are personal favorites.

Address: 109 Main Street
Hours of Operation: 8AM – 8PM Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday.
Website: currently working on their website
Check their menu online
Phone Number: 914-432-7776
What’s Available? Takeout/pickup.

Sing Sing Kill Brewery Ossining

Sing Sing Kill Brewery uses locally farm-sourced ingredients. Masters of the craft of beer. I can’t wait for the next open mic night. Their unique take on it is to provide a professional quality backup band to support and jam with any performer. How cool is that?

Address: 77 Spring Street
Hours of Operation:
1PM – 8PM Wednesday-Sunday. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Order online
Phone Number: 914-502-0577
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING, online ordering, curbside pickup/takeout, takeout and free delivery to the Ossining area.


Docas means docks in Portuguese. And they aren’t kidding! Food like you bought it on the docks of Lisbon! It’s all special.

Address: 125 Main Street
Hours of Operation:  12PM – 8PM Tues-Sun. Closed Mondays.
Phone Number: 914-944-9205
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING, pickup/takeout.

Churrasqueira Ribatejo

Churrasqueira Ribatejo Portuguese Grill. I have brought Ossining residents to Churrasqueira Ribateja for business meetings and one after another said, “This is great! How did I not know about this place?” Try the chicken and the seafood. Open for takeout. No website.

Address: 39 Spring Street
Hours of Operation:  12PM – 8PM Wed-Sun (place orders by 7). Closed Monday and Tuesday.
Portuguese Food that makes you Linger: Read New York Times Review 
Phone Number: 914-941-5928
What’s Available? Takeout.

Melike Turkish

Melike never disappoints. I would recommend, well, everything I’ve tried (and that’s most of the menu)! If you like hummus you HAVE to try their hummus with warm pita bread.

Address: 121 Main Street
Hours of Operation: 12PM – 8PM Tues-Sun. Closed Monday.
Online Menu
Phone Number: Landline 914-502-0651 and cellphone 914-598-6890
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING, pickup/takeout, delivery. Please order by phone or on their website if you’re coming for pickup (rather than DoorDash, etc), as it cuts down on fees!

Main Street Deli Ossining

Main Street Deli.
Nice subs and lunches to go.

Address: 121 Main Street
Hours of Operation:  6AM – 4PM Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday.
Catering Menuhere
Phone Number: 914-762-0651
What’s Available? Takeout and free delivery for orders ($15 minimum).

Karma Lounge Ossining

Karma Lounge. Too bad they cannot seat now; the decor is brick wall SoHo. They have their own take on many Latin American dishes from different countries. Good portions too. Off the Aqueduct next to Ossining Open Door going towards the Double Arch.

Address: 175 Main Street
Hours of Operation:  11AM-9PM Daily
Order Online
Phone Number: 914-502-0360
What’s Available? OUTDOOR SEATING in their regular patio area (6 tables), pickup/takeout or delivery.

Aji Limo Peruvian Food

Aji Limo is an authentic Peruvian restaurant, and that is a real good thing. Peruvian restaurants are the toast of South America. They are everywhere. Food is light and flavorful. If you love fish, the ceviche is a must!

Address: 199 Main Street
Hours of Operation:  3PM – 9PM Mon-Fri, 12PM-9PM Saturday and Sunday
Order Online
Phone Number: 914-502-0623

Lucys Pizza

Lucy’s Pizza has always delivered great pizza, and quick enough to keep it hot! The ultimate comfort food in the comfort of your own home. Also try the escarole & bean soup! That is what I’m talking about!

Address: 172 N Highland Ave
Hours of Operation: 11AM – 10PM Mon-Sat and 12PM – 10PM Sunday
Phone Number: 914-762-0001

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Penny and Ting. No food, but they never disappoint either! Fun and thoughtfully chosen items for kids of all ages. An unmatched source for great gifts. Unfortunately you can’t browse in person, but you can on their website. They offer free delivery to Ossining and Croton, and they’ve also got curbside pickup!

Address: 133 Main Street
Shop online
Hours of Operation:  11AM-3PM Tues-Fri, 10AM-3PM Saturday
Phone Number:  914-373-2590
What’s Available? You can shop in store now! Bring a mask, Hand sanitizer is available. Also the other options in the description above, including free local delivery and curbside pickup.

Melitas Ossining

Melita’s Home. Another non-restaurant, but this Main Street staple since 1998 can’t be left out! Inspired by the charm of nature, handmade and hand-painted rustic elegance brought to you from Portugal. In a twist of fate, just as Melita moved down to street level, everything shut down. But the store is currently open again for shopping! You can also purchase items through her website and Etsy shop for curbside pickup or shipped to home. She’s also been showing off some products lately on her Instagram.

Address: 125 Main Street
Etsy Shop:
Hours of Operation: 11AM – 6PM Tues-Sat
Phone Number: 914-923-0351
What’s Available? You can shop in store now! Also the other options in the description above.


HealthSmart Pharmacy: The Pharmacy is open and they offer prepaid curbside pickup.

Address: 203 Main Street Ossining
Hours of Operation:
8AM – 6PM Mon-Fri, 9AM – 4PM Saturday, 9AM – 1PM Sunday
Phone Number: 914 923-3000

Ossining businesses in their unceasing effort, inspiration, and active community participation are all existential parts of what is Ossining. This doesn’t happen by accident. None of these business owners rests on their laurels; they make it happen. Help them keep making it happen for us all! Enjoy.

Thirty years ago homebuyers said, “just keep me far away from the Village.” Twenty years ago, after the Central Village got a full facelift, home buyers said “that’s nice.” These days, homebuyers say “I would love to live where I can walk to the Village,” which is now described as vibrant. – Eric Schatz

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