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The Jug Tavern in Historic Sparta

The Jug Tavern, also known as the Davids-Garrison House, is believed to be the oldest structure in the Village’s historic Sparta neighborhood.

It was originally constructed as a tenant farmhouse on land owned Frederick Philipse, proprietor of vast Philipsburg Manor, which stretched from the Bronx to the Croton River. Several years after it was built, the farmhouse was leased by tenant farmer Peter Davids. The Jug Tavern became a landmark for tenant farmers and other travelers while making their way from the farmlands of Northern Westchester to Sparta via the Old Albany Post Road to transport their goods via ship to the markets of New York City.

For reasons unknown today, the structure was almost completely demolished and rebuilt in 1883 after spending almost all of the 19th century under the ownership of the Garrison family. The foundation and parts of the original frame are believed to survive within the Jug Tavern.

Source: Village of Ossining, New York, Significant Sites and Structures Guide, April 2010

Walking Tours

From April through October each year, non-profit Jug Tavern of Sparta, Inc. hosts guided walking tours of the historic Sparta neighborhood. The tours start at the Jug Tavern and last about 2 hours. For specifics on the walking tours, go here.


If you’d like to become a member and help support preservation and restoration of The Jug Tavern, you can become a member for $25/person or $50/family per year (tax deductible). For more information about membership and more, visit

The front of the Jug Tavern
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    I took this tour when I first moved to Ossining and it was great, Dr. Alan Stahl is very knowledgeable and super nice! Every Ossining Resident should take this FREE tour! The suggested donation is only $10 per person.

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