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3 Halloween Events we want back ASAP

Harry Styles said “you know it’s not the same as it was” and that’s how I’m feeling this year about Halloween in Ossining.  There are cool things happening, and I’ll give you all the details in a future post, but today I just wanted to dwell on past Ossining Halloween events we’ll miss this year.

1. forest o fears

I’m going to start with an uplifting one, because after a 3 year hiatus, the Forest O’ Fears organizers promised to bring it back in 2023! And they said it gas going to be better than ever!

Forest O’ Fears main attraction is a haunted walk. Guests are guided up a dark, winding trail to a two-story haunted house where they enter at their own peril. Upon exiting the house, guests are  directed down the trail of horror leading to their final destination – the haunted pavilion.

Organizers suggest guests be at least 13 years old to participate. It can get pretty scary!

For the younger members of the family, Forest O’ Fears offers crafts, games, zombie laser tag, an un-haunted hayride and “hay” maze. There is also a beer tent, food trucks and a DJ plus various other vendors.

2. The scariest house in ossining

Every year, Craig Pincus and his family transformed their home into the Scariest House in Ossining. To make this happen, he spent hours and hours from July to October creating a new scary theme each year!

2013 was “Halloween Horror,” 2014 “Zombie playground,” 2015 “Witch Halloween,” 2016 “Zombie Halloween,” 2017 “Carnival of Horrors,” 2019 “Pincus Asylum,” 2020 “Pandemic,” 2021 “Quarantine is torture.”

You can see pictures and videos from each year on their website: Scariest House In Ossining.

This year Craig is taking a break but we really really hope he brings the Scariest House in Ossining back in 2023!

3. Crotonville interactive halloween house

Robert and Maria Somma moved to Ossining in 2012 and every Halloween added a little more to their display. When we saw it in 2019 it was a super fun and interactive walkthrough.

Nearly every decoration at their house was homemade, including the tombstones, which they created using a base of foam board. The only things store-bought were the skeletons, and even they were improved and added to.

Learn more about the Crotonville Interactive Halloween House here. There are a lot of pictures and yes, they are great at DIY!

a message to Craig, maria, robert and fern

Even though you are taking a break from your awesome displays, we wanted to tank you for all the years you donated your time creating awesome family fun for the Ossining community. We are thankful.

so, what do we do now?

Don’t worry, there is still plenty of Halloween fun IN Ossining. Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on this page. We’ll publish a list next week! 

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