Magician David Lavitan at the Ossining Waterfront |

Magician David Lavitan at the Ossining Waterfront

This summer, the Ossining Recreation and Parks Department offered a Family Entertainment Series of 3 shows: a music show, a juggling show and a magic show.

Unfortunately we were away for two of the shows, but we were able to catch David Levitan’s Magic Show.

Free Magic Sow Ossining Waterfront
David Levitan Magic Show

The show was fast-paced, fun and very impressive! I loved that David has the children from the audience perform the “magic”  in most of his acts. My son and daughter were able to participate and we all had a great time.

David has a diverse skill set and the fun and lighthearted show included juggling, birds and fun illusions that I never quite figured out.

Magician David Levitan at henry Gourdin in Ossining

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Because it rained the day before most people brought chairs and waterproof blankets. We also brought dinner and a few of the families ordered pizza (it blew my mind that you can order pizza to a park!).Waterfront Ossining Free Show

The show was at Henry Gourdine Park, on a beautiful evening right on the river. I really hope this series become a yearly thing for Ossining.

Here are a few more pictures of the event: 

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