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2018 Summer Camps & Programs

Searching for summer camps for my kids I googled “summer camps in Ossining.” Lots of results came up but it turned out that 90% of the camps were in other towns near (or not that near) Ossining, not in Ossining. So I did some research and put together this post with a (growing) list of summer camps and programs in Ossining. NOT near it, but in it. Looking to avoid a daily drive while supporting our local businesses? Here’s the list.

1. Theater O

  • WHAT:
    Camp of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The camp will explore the magical world of Harry Potter through theater, art, music, puppetry, storytelling, games and more. Live in a world of imagination.  Make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Attend one, two or three weeks.
    Campers provide their own lunch and snack. We provide refrigeration. Campers are not required to wear robes, bring wands, etc, but are certainly allowed to. You do not need to have read all the books to attend and enjoy the camp.
    Summer Productions:
    A. The Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales
    B. The Handless Maiden
    C. When Muppets Come Alive
  • WHEN:  July 16th – August 3rd (Camp)
  • WHERE: 40 Somerstown Road, Ossining (Camp) – 25 State Street, Ossining
  • AGES: 8-14
  • MORE INFO: http://www.theatero.org/summer–2018.html

2. Teatown Lake Reservation

  • WHAT: Teatown Camp brings kids outside to learn about and explore the natural world in our 1,000-acre preserve. In four two-week sessions, our age-specific activities encourage the spirit of discovery!
    Campers catch frogs, collect bugs, climb rocks and explore natural habitats in four two-week sessions that provide age-specific activities. Kids can discover and enjoy the outdoors via Teatown’s meadows, forests, lakes, and streams.
  • WHEN: June 26th- August 17th
  • WHERE: 1600 Spring Valley Rd, Ossining
  • AGES: 4-14
  • MORE INFO: https://www.teatown.org/camp/summer-camp/

3.  Westchester Dance Artists

  • WHAT: Acting, Dance, Singing, Sports, Arts & Crafts, Stage Makeup, Costuming, Performing and so much more.
  • WHEN: June 25th  until August 31st.
  • WHERE: 157 Main Street, Ossining
  • AGES: 5-13
  • More Info: http://www.shpacenter.com/summer.html

4. Mike Risko Music School

  • WHAT: 
    Rock Band Camp:  Your child will learn from real musicians what it is like to be in a rock band. From choosing a name to writing songs, they will be involved in the whole process. Their week will end with a big showcase for friends and family where they can celebrate their success along with all the other bands that are part of the camp.
    Musical Theater Camp: Star in a musical this summer of scenes from your favorite shows. This one-week intensive workshop will enable all kids to shine as they learn to sing, act and dance using scenes and songs from favorite shows. Vocal instruction, acting and dance instruction will all be provided as a part of this workshop. A show will be performed at the end of the week complete with costumes for a large audience.
    Summer Musical Theater Production:  Kids grades 3 and up will star in an amazing musical theater production.  Rehearsals are in the evening and there will be 2 performances. This is a great opportunity for people who are in day camps but want to make musical theater a part of their summer
  • WHEN: July 9th- August 24th
  • WHERE: 144 Croton Avenue Ossining
  • AGES: 5+
  • MORE INFO: At Mike Risko Music’s website

5. Ossining Children’s Center:

  • WHAT:
    Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy reading, singing, outdoor play, water play, and healthy meals and snacks. Almost every day features an event-to-remember, such as: Author days, Carnival day, International day with booths, flags, a parade and food from different countries, Riverfront barbecue, Visit to Muscoot Farm, “Swimming” at the local private lake.
    For school-age campers CCC offers authentic, traditional camp activities including sports, cooking, art and crafts, science, outdoor play, and more. Swimming lessons and free swim at Briarcliff Manor’s Law Park Pool, Field trips such as bowling, Quassy Amusement Park, Norwalk Maritime Aquarium, and more
    8 to 11 year olds participate in Jacob Burns Film Center’s animation workshop Minds in Motion, creating their own original animated films under the tutelage of Jacob Burns’ staff.
  • WHEN: Monday through Friday from the first day to the last day of the Ossining Public Schools’ summer vacation. 7:00am to 6:00pm.
  • WHERE: 90S Highland Avenue, Ossining
  • AGES: toddlers, preschoolers and school age children
  • MORE INFO: http://www.ossiningchildrenscenter.org/summer-camp

6. Logrea Dance Academy:

  • WHAT: Whether you want to explore ballet as a new experience or would like to improve your technique and maintain your skills, Logrea Dance Academy’s Summer Intensive can help you achieve your goals.
  • WHEN: July 9th – August 4th
  • WHERE: 2 Dale Avenue, Ossining
  • AGES: 3+
  • MORE INFO: http://newsite.logreainfo.com/summer-intensive.html

7. St Ann’s Peas and Carrots:

  • WHAT: Nutritious snacks, lunch, help with homework, academic enrichment lessons, reading groups, plenty of group sports, outdoor play and educational activities. Our most important goal is helping children have fun while they learn.
  • WHEN: July 9th – August 4th
  • WHERE: 16 Elizabeth Street, Ossining
  • AGES: 3-8
  • MORE INFO: http://www.peaskarrots.com/Summer-Program.html

8. Briarcliff Nursery School:

  • WHAT: Nature projects/experiences, story time, music, creative movement, water and sand play, and crafts. Summer at Briarcliff Nursery School allows students to stretch their minds and bodies while enjoying and exploring the world around them.
    This summer, the kids will explore nature in many different ways. Nature will be brought into the classroom to sort, experiment with, and observe. Time wil be spent engaging in water play, digging in sand, and exploring the plants, animals, and rocks in the nursery school’s amazing outdoor space.
  • WHEN: June 9th – August 4th
  • WHERE: 40 Morningside Drive, Ossining
  • AGES: 2-5
  • MORE INFO: http://briarcliffnurseryschool.com/summer-program/ 

9.  Scribbler Summer Camp:

  • WHAT : Camp includes daily walks and collaborative outdoor earthworks, open play, lunch and of course, tons of art-making in the studio! Healthy snack is provided, you send a bagged lunch.
  • WHEN: 9a-3p, *early drop off at 8:30am & late pick up at 3:30pm available
    i. Week 1 – Super Size Me | Large Scale Art – Aug. 13-17
    ii. Week 2 – From Start to Finish | Maze & Puzzle Week – Aug. 20-24
    iii. Week 3 – Back to School in Style | DIY School Supplies – Aug. 27-31
  • WHERE: Bethany Arts Community, 40 Somerstown Road, Ossining
  • AGES: K-4
  • MORE INFO: https://scribbleartworkshop.com/summer-camp-ossining/

10.  Torview:

  • WHAT: Tennis
  • WHEN: Mon-Fri
    i. 9a-11a Open to all ($125 for members/$175 for non-members)
    ii. 11a-1p Swim Team & Tennis combo Ages 6-10 (for Members only. Just $50 + Swim Team registration)
    iii. 1-3p Ages 11 & up (for members only. Just $50 + Swim Team registration)
  • WHERE: Torview, 25 Stormytown Rd, Ossining
  • AGES: all ages
  • MORE INFO: torview.com

11.  Turtle Island Summer Camp

  • WHAT: Farm-based, nature-oriented, arts-integrated experiential learning! Each day will include farm chores, hiking, chicken care, gardening, foraging, free play, teamwork, creative projects, etc., and with each theme week to include: art, crafts, music and movement theatre.
  • WHEN:  Mon-Fri 9:30 A.M. TO 2:30 P.M.
    Two one week sessions
    i. July 16 – 20  Earth Heroes
    ii. July 23 – 27  Sustainable Arts and Crafts on the Farm
  • WHERE: Kitchawan Farm, 716 Kitchawan Road (Route 134) • Ossining, NY
  • AGES: 6-12
  • MORE INFO: SomethingGoodInTheWorld.org

12.  Youth Music Program

  • WHAT: The Youth Music Program at St. Paul’s in Ossining began in the Summer of 2010 with the mission to spread our love and talent to children, and now continues year round under the direction of Carolyn Black, St. Paul’s Music Director and former Ossining High School teacher, and Art Hightower, a professional drummer and parishioner.The Youth Music Program provides lessons in singing, rudimental and hand drumming and guitar, and instruction in how to practice, how to audition and in etiquette for performance – plus snacks and supervised play.
  • WHEN:  Mon-Fri 6:00P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.
    Two one week sessions
    i. Week 1, July 9 to July 13, 2018
    ii. Week 2, July 16-20
  • WHERE: Paul’s parish hall
  • AGES: 4-17
  • MORE INFO: StPaulsOnTheHill.org/music/youth-music/
    Registration Form Summer 2018

Are we missing something?

If you host or would like to recommend a Summer Camp or Program (only located in the Town of Ossining) please send us the info (What, When, Where, Ages and your website) and we’ll gladly add it to this list. You can comment below.

  • Torview says:

    Online signups for Tennis are now available at Torview.com
    Mon-Fri Kids clinic
    -9a-11a Open to all ($125 for members/$175 for non-members)
    -11a-1p Swim Team & Tennis combo Ages 6-10(for Members only. Just $50 + Swim Team registration)
    -1-3p Ages 11 & up(for Members only. Just $50 + Swim Team registration)

    Private & Group lessons and Cardio Tennis at unbeatable prices also available.Additional clinics on the way as well. Check us out at Torview.com

  • Zak says:

    In addition to hosting Theater O’s Camp of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the start of the summer, Bethany Arts Community also has something for smallest campers at the end of the summer:
    What : Scribbler Summer Camp
    Week 1 – Super Size Me | Large Scale Art – Aug. 13-17
    Week 2 – From Start to Finish | Maze & Puzzle Week – Aug. 20-24
    Week 3 – Back to School in Style | DIY School Supplies – Aug. 27-31
    When: 9a-3p, *early drop off at 8:30am & late pick up at 3:30pm available
    Where: Bethany Arts Community, 40 Somerstown Road, Ossining
    Ages: K-4
    More Info: https://scribbleartworkshop.com/summer-camp-ossining/

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